Case Study | Robotic Arm for Object Recognition and Gripping

Based on Kinova GEN3 robotic arm, complete multi-modal research, can provide end vision, end touch, global vision, microphone, speaker, laser and other sensors, applicable process safety, easy to program, small footprint, movable, ZhiKeTe provides complete development manual, development training, after-sales technical support.

Case Sharing | Augmented Reality Teleoperated Robotic Arm System, Realistic Version of "Flying Dragon Cloud Detecting Hands

An augmented reality teleoperation robotic system using a mixed reality head-mounted display, HoloLens, and a kinova lightweight robotic arm with a depth camera, end gripper, and associated sensors for MR manipulation. It can also be extended with a web interface to realize MR teleoperation.

Case Sharing | Jicotech Robotics Standard Upper

With the development and application of robotics and intelligent technology, robotics products are diversifying, various forms and market positioning of mobile robot platforms provide users with rich choices for research, and various types of sensors have ushered in an accelerated explosion of the era. Selecting the right sensors for the selected mobile robot and quickly building a suitable and useful sensor combination is the basis for enhancing the depth and broadening the width of the research, and IQR top-loading solution provides a convenient and stable sensor integration solution for users of mobile robots with their selected platforms.

Products | The latest generation of robotic sensor heads is now available!

Freedom to expand and perception to be infinite, that's what the Jicote head is talking about!
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Products | Laboratory Automation - Say goodbye to repetitive tasks!

This is a Chinese self-developed laboratory automation software product that helps researchers automate the experimental process and reduce repetitive labor and experimental error rates. The video shows the experimental automation process and error handling mechanism of the software, allowing viewers to gain an in-depth understanding of this automation tool that makes labs smarter.