Agilex Bunker MINI

Agilex Bunker MINI

Chassis development platform for small-size tracked mobile robots






Relevant information

BUNKER MINI is the smallest tracked mobile robot chassis development platform with industry-leading IP67 protection level, which can effectively prevent sand and water intrusion. Inheriting the cross-country performance of BUNKER series, BUNKER MINI has a strong climbing cross-country ability in a small body, and can easily carry all kinds of inspection equipment. BUNKER MINI truly provides industry developers with a development platform with cross-country mobility in indoor and outdoor narrow space, which helps to rapidly expand waterway mapping, mine exploration, pipeline detection, security inspection, special filming, special transportation and other robotic applications. applications.

Industry-leading IP67 protection, no fear of climbing slopes and wading.

Thanks to the closed body structure, high protection components and communication interfaces, the BUNKER MINI's protection level reaches IP67, which effectively prevents the intrusion of sand, dust and water, and makes it fearless of extreme working environments, such as mud, wet, puddles and climbing slopes.

Big load in a small body

BUNKER MINI has a modular and streamlined structural design, compact body, small size (660*584*281MM), linear driving process load up to 25KG, can easily carry all kinds of inspection equipment and robotic arm gripping and handling platform. It can easily carry all kinds of inspection equipment and robotic arm gripping and handling platform.

Balancing the needs of complex terrain and tight spaces

Combined with compact body, excellent kinetic ability to climb over obstacles, and in-situ spin flexibility, BUNKER MINI greatly expands the complex terrain combination of narrow space scenarios, such as watercourses, mines, pipelines, culverts, electric power stations, field engine room, etc., to realize the detection, security, inspection, special shooting, special transportation, mapping and other special operations robot applications.

Multi-load expansion, rapid secondary development

BUNKER MINI supports customized advanced operation modes (remote driving/auto driving), and users can also communicate with the master control via CAN bus protocol to quickly access the sensing system and build an independent application development platform. SONGLING Robotics provides rich open source ecology, pre-installed ROS control node, and provide open source SDKROS_PACKAGE, user manual, combined with 1000+ industry customers program cooperation landing experience, can provide developers with more professional solution evaluation.

Technical Parameters

name (of a thing) clarification name (of a thing) clarification
Dimensions 660 * 584 * 281mm External power supply 24V/15A
Chassis height 65.5MM Driving form Independent left and right hand drive, differential track steering
Track width 100MM Motor parameters 250W*2(Brushed DC motor)
conduct oneself with dignity 54.8KG Rated torque 17N-M
rated load 25KG Code plate parameter 1024 Line Magnetic Encoder
travel speed 0~1.5M/S communication interface Standard CAN
Climbing angle No load 30° protection class IP67
Minimum Turning Radius 0M, spin in place batteries 24V30AH Carp Battery
leapfrogging ability 115MM battery level AC220V independent charger
operating temperature -20°C~60°C charging time 3-4H