Agilex Ranger mini 2.0

Agilex Ranger mini 2.0









Relevant information

Four forms, one-touch switching

Ranger Mini continues the technical heritage of Songling Robotics omnidirectional UGV, with a compact body and zero turning radius, which can realize in-situ 360" steering. Ranger Mini adopts 4 groups of 8 wheel motor control system, which simplifies the mechanical structure while accommodating multiple motion modes in one, further liberating the robot platform's motion capability, and real-time switching between traverse, V, and Ackermann, presenting the dancer's spiritual rhythm at your fingertips.



diagonal shift

Ackerman or Akerman (name)

Flexible and powerful

Ranger Mini, as a UGV with super flexibility and performance, combines the advantages of SCOUT series obstacle climbing and HUNTER series high load capacity and long endurance. Thanks to the AGILEX motion control technology, it can be operated indoors and outdoors with ease. The swing arm suspension and higher ground clearance bring a brand new mobile experience for indoor and outdoor operation.

Ultra-long battery life, dismantle and replace the battery

The Ranger Mini has up to 5 hours of battery life and features a quick-release battery design that ensures continuous operation.

Multi-load expansion, rapid secondary development

Ranger Mini supports customized advanced operation modes, users can communicate with the master control via CAN bus protocol, and also provides open source SDK and ROS PACKAGE.

Technical Parameters

sizeswheelbasestread (on tire)overall mass (of a vehicle)
558mm * 492mm * 420mm360MM360MM55kg
top speedMinimum Turning RadiusDriving formoperating temperature
spin mode
Hub motors-10~40°
battery levelcharging timeinput voltagePower Battery Type
29.4V10A4h24Viron phosphate
Wheel radiusExternal power supplyRated Sporting LoadMaximum Climbing Degree
8 inches.24V50KG10° (with load)
Steering formSuspension formMaximum strokeMaximum Endurance
four wheels and four revolutionsSwing arm suspension20KM5~6h
Motor parametersCode plate parametercommunications interface 
Steering 120Wx4,Power Motor 250Wx41024 linesStandard CAN