Agilex Ranger

Agilex Ranger







4x4 chassis with intelligent integrated structure

RANGER has built-in sensors such as industrial computer, solid-state LIDAR, depth camera, IMU, etc., which can realize environment sensing and environment scene construction. RANGER provides rich interfaces to support various common hardware platforms and application development platforms.

Freeing up body space, free combination of building blocks

The rugged and simple design of the RANGER frees up the top space to carry up to 150KG. Users can realize the free combination of building blocks to create their own products quickly.

Modular UPS Support hot-swap

Power supply full modular design, power module, bypass module, control module support hot-swap, module replacement time is minimal, installation, expansion, maintenance is extremely easy. The redundant design of control module makes the system highly reliable.

Pedestrian-vehicle mixing scenarios Unmanned safety interactions

Equipped with laser, vision and ultrasonic sensors, RANGER can realize all-around accurate sensing under different angles, support low obstacle and dynamic obstacle detection, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor fusion scenarios such as industrial parks, parks, and underneath parking garages.

Intelligent Scheduling Algorithm Multi-point Path Planning

RANGER has perfect intelligent scheduling algorithms and refined map construction technology, which can fulfill the functions of autonomous planning and navigation, patrol navigation and multi-point path planning to complete the work efficiently.

Technical Parameters

Overall Dimensiontread (on tire)wheelbasesrating
1228 * 876 * 475mm560MM890MM600W*4
Rated torquerunning speedsports modeMaximum barrier crossing
22NM*40-2.6M/sfour wheels and four revolutions100MM Vertical Barrier Full
Maximum climbconduct oneself with dignitycarrying capacityendurance
charging timeBattery TypeSingle Battery Capacityrated voltage
1H (single cell)li-ion battery24Ah (supports up to four batteries)48V