Reachy is an expressive open source humanoid platform programmable via Python and ROS. He is particularly good at interacting with people and manipulating objects.




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Reachy is super versatile.

Whether you are a researcher, academic, creative or innovation professional, Reachy may be the best solution for you to learn, explore and develop artificial intelligence and robotics.


Completely open source, Reachy is the perfect tool for you to freely explore new research frontiers!

medical care

Reachy can replace the performance of mechanical tasks and undoubtedly brings joy and confidence to patients and medical staff alike!

sell individually or in small quantities

Create a memorable customer experience with Reachy: Inspire your customers to spread the word about you!


Bringing Reachy into your educational process will make your college stand out from the crowd!


Want to be recognized as the most progressive and innovative event of the year?

All-in-one robotics and AI humanoid platforms

Reachy elegantly integrates object manipulation, expressiveness, machine learning, and human-computer interaction into an easy-to-use platform that you can install wherever you need it.



Remotely control Rcachy using VR and our teleoperation application



Use the VR device to move Reachy's arms, hands and head. View interactions with the robot's surroundings through Reachy's camera.



Moving around and exploring


Reachy can be used on a robotic base to access more applications and a wider workspace.
Experience navigation at its simplest with three all-wheels, a cylindrical structure, many sensors and LiDAR.



The most expressive robot?



Communicate with your users and create empathy with Reachy thanks to his unique head design and motion features.

His freely moving head is animated by in-house developed Orbita technology and antennae to convey emotions (happiness, sadness, excitement) to the viewer ..... He mimics human expressions and body language in his own unique way! We guarantee that Reachy will make you smile!



Modular advanced robotic arm for object manipulation



What makes Reachy useful is his ability to manipulate objects and act on his environment.

Reachy's arms have 7 degrees of freedom and their size, proportions and movements are similar to those of an adult arm. One arm.armObjects weighing up to 500 grams can be lifted and maneuvered with considerable dexterity.

His tool tip gripper can be modified to best fit the target application.



A learning machine.


 With internal hardware acceleration for machine learning (TPU) and compatibility with state-of-the-art AI frameworks like Tensorflow, Reachy has everything he needs to learn new things!

Successful Exploration of Machine Learning and Reinforcement Learning :.

-Uses his 2 cameras to run object, face and pose detection at high speed.

-With his microphone array and powerful speakers, interacts with people by voice



Easy setup and autonomy, no internet connection required

 Only 4 screws and a standard 110/220V power plug are required to install and run the Reachy.

You can easily connect Reachy to your desired location through his simple mechanical interface.

His back provides access to common connections such as USB 3.0, HMDI, Ethernet, Bluetooth and Wifi.
You even have an expansion hole if you want to extend the Reachy with your own device.

Two on/off buttons give you perfect control over the Reachy's computer and motor power.



Fully customizable and evolving


Customize your own Reachy with the only modules needed for your specific application. by adding new modules and hardware updates to your Reachyevolve over time.

Complete and efficient development platform

Reachy combines the most common and powerful tools into an easy-to-use open source platform. He is designed so that you can learn, develop and experiment directly. Don't worry, if you want to be adventurous, we have a simulator for that too.

Easy-to-use Python API

We provide an accessible and complete Python library to easily program Reachy.

Embedded state-of-the-art machine learning

Join the pioneers in bringing the full potential of AI to real-world applications. We offer ready-to-use intelligent behavior and pre-trained models based on Tensorflow 2. Reachy embeds a TPU that can run PoseNet at 45FPS.

Crazy in the simulation

We offer a wide range of services provided by Unity A free simulation environment that provides support. It gives you access to an unlimited number of virtual Reachies to use theUntiy ML-AgentDeveloping and experimenting with intensive learning!

A truly open source and transparent platform

Reachy combines the most common and powerful tools into an easy-to-use open source platform. He is designed so that you can learn, develop and experiment directly. Don't worry, if you want to be adventurous, we have a simulator for that too.

open source hardware

CAD models are open and distributed under the Creative Commons BY-SA license.

open source software

The complete source code is available under the Apache 2.0 license.


Get news and support from our community

Advanced tools for advanced applications

We are regularly releasing new tools to expand the possibilities of Reachy.
Simulating Ritchie with a gazebo

Writing Code on Digital Twins with Python API ou ROS

Advanced Kinematics

With full forward/reverse kinematics and advanced trajectory generation, you'll love the Reachy for minimal jerking!

Supported by ROS2

Easily integrate Reachy in your ROS environment.

It's dangerous to go alone!
Keep our R&D team by your side.

Because getting a great interactive robot is just the first step, our R&D staff can provide additional services to help you on your journey.

Customized for your application Reachy

Reachy now offers multiple configurations.
Please click the button below and fill out the form to explain your program to us.

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