Agilex Scout 2.0

Agilex Scout 2.0

SCOUT is based on a new energy consumption design and is specially designed for industrial applications. Compact body, low energy consumption, equipped with a new cooling system and safety protection system, indoor and outdoor free to go, four-wheel drive, differential rotation, full of power, easy to manage the complex application environment, standard protocols and CAN bus support rapid secondary development, presenting you with the best mobile platform solutions.

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Relevant information

Compact body structure Ultra-low power consumption

Compared with its predecessor, the overall volume has been reduced by 25%, compact design brings the advantages of low energy consumption and long range, and seamless switching between indoor and outdoor can be adapted to the trunk of any car, and quickly put into use.

Circulating heat dissipation system to ensure all-weather operation

Newly upgraded circulation cooling system, internal and external circulation superposition, to protect the system all-weather high-intensity operation and high-temperature environment adaptability.

Rapid secondary development with multiple load extensions

SCOUT2.0 focuses on its own control, can be customized for advanced operation modes, the user can communicate with the master control via CAN bus protocol, while providing open source SDK, ROS_PACKAGE.

Technical Parameters

名称 指标 名称 指标
model number
Maximum stroke
930mm * 699mm * 349mm
Driving form
Four-wheel independent drive/four-wheel differential steering
safety protection
crash barrier
overall mass (of a vehicle)
67±KG (±0.5)
battery level
AC 220V independent charger
top speed
charging time
Minimum Ground Clearance
input voltage
Rated Sporting Load
50KG (Friction coefficient 0.5 ground test)
Battery parameters
braking method
Servo Brake
Motor parameters
4 X 400W brushless servo motors
Minimum Turning Radius
0m (differential wheel can spin in place)
Code plate parameter
2500 lines Magnetically encoded incremental code disks
Climbing angle
<30° with load
communications interface
Standard CAN/232 serial port
leapfrogging ability
15cm Single-stage right-angle step barrier
Suspension form
Front double wishbone independent suspension / Rear double wishbone independent suspension
Minimum braking distance
0.2m (6km/h>0km/h)
protection class
IP22 Customizable IP44 IP64

Optional Accessories

Case Video

SCOUT 2.0 Test Video

Songling SCOUT 2.0 Mobile Robot Chassis Unboxing Video

Standard lifting platform for mobile robot chassis

China (Foshan) International Intelligent Robot Expo-SCOUT 2.0 Robot Chassis

Customer Cases

Multi-Target Points for Mobile Robots with Gazebo plus Move Base Navigation Package

Simulation video of a robot following pedestrians with Gazebo

Active SLAM Robot Simulation Video with Gazebo

Additional information

Tire Type

Road Wheel, McNamee Wheel